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Swimsuit shopping is anything but a chore at Style Lounge Apparel.


The relaxed, comfortable and intimate boutique in Sherwood Park is changing the way women think about shopping for swim and travelwear by swapping the busy franchise vibe for a quieter, more personalized approach. Style Lounge Apparel strives to offer top-quality items that ensure you feel your most confident, most beautiful, and maybe even your sexiest, too.


Since your summer or hot destination is not restricted to swimwear, why should your shopping trip? Style Lounge Apparel also offers fashionable clothing and cover-up choices that take you from the sand to the city.


Two of the shop’s most popular clothing brands are Sympli and Nikki Babie, which both offer comfortable travel and everyday wear. A hallmark of both brands is that their pieces are incredibly versatile, meaning you can easily take your outfits from day to evening and pack more efficiently. Sympli and Nikki Babie provide chic and multifunctional wardrobes that are effortlessly stylish and empower women to be themselves. Style Lounge Apparel also exclusively offers a versatile line of sandals, SunSmiles, which allows you to interchange ribbons and bases, meaning one pair of sandals can look like many more


Size Ranges: Girls 6-12; Ladies up to size 24.


Monday to Wednesday 10-6

Thursday 10-8

Friday 10-6

Saturday 10-5


If the above hours don’t fit your schedule, please give us a call to book an appointment.  No purchase  required, we would be happy to have you visit our store and see what we carry.


Call 780-464-5118 (shop number)

Lynne 780-446-1912


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